Conciergerie d’Amqui inc. also operates in the municipal waste collection sector (garbage, recycling and composting) and collects waste from construction sites (rental of containers for the disposal of residual materials from construction sites).

The municipalities served are Albertville, Amqui, Causapscal, Lac-au-Saumon, Lac-Humqui, Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, Saint-Cleophas, Saint-Damase, Sainte-Irène, Sainte-Marguerite-Marie , Saint-Noël, Saint-Tharcisius, Saint-Vianney and Val-Brillant.

Since 2016, we are working to introduce on a sorting center for the treatment of materials from construction sites is also set up, with financial support from the La Matapédia and Desjardins Vallées de la Matapédia Ecoterritory program. The project ultimately aims to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inherent in the collection activities of the reduction in the use of landfills for materials from construction sites.

Container hire and sale

Did you know? The Amqui Conciergerie has recently offered the rental of roll-off containers for the loading of dry materials. Whether you are a construction contractor contracting or simply an owner of a building to be renovated, renting a construction, renovation or demolition tailings container will allow you to devote yourself fully to your project without worrying about collecting debris! The Conciergerie d’Amqui will deliver the container at the agreed time and pick it up once the work is completed.

Interested in buying rather than renting? We will be pleased to meet your needs and provide you with the appropriate containers.

Comments or questions about our services

Do you have any comments or questions about our waste collection services? Nothing’s easier! Please email us at

Rappel de collecte

The Intermunicipal Waste Management Board of the La Matapédia and La Mitis RCMs has developed a very interesting tool for citizens. This tool allows you to schedule collection reminders for your area. By entering your home address in the tool, you can (1) receive a reminder whenever collection is planned in your area and / or (2) get a collection schedule on your Smartphone.

Schedule a reminder the day before the collection by email, phone call or text message (SMS) now:

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Aide au tri

What to put or not to put in recycling or in the trash?

Simply enter the name of an article in the Éco-Régie website tool and you will see more clearly:

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Waste Collection Schedules

For information on materials to be deposited in your green, blue or brown bin, click here. To find out the calendar of the collections in your municipality, click on the calendar corresponding to your municipality: