Over the years, the Conciergerie d’Amqui inc. Has built a strong reputation with a strong organizational culture and a clear direction. In this sense, the mission set by the company is as follows:

Provide significant benefits to our key partners by providing innovative solutions that will allow us to stand out and achieve significant sustainable growth. Never content ourselves with what is currently being done and seek to rethink ourselves constantly.

To emphasize, through our gestures and our organizational culture, our important issues:

  • To provide services of impeccable quality by sensitizing our people to the importance of each action taken in the exercise of their function and by providing them with training to enable them to exploit their full potential;
  • Offer peace of mind to our customers by taking charge of their daily tasks that fall within our broad area of ​​expertise;
  • To offer our people a stimulating and rewarding work environment by encouraging them to collaborate with each other and respect all their colleagues;
  • Reducing our environmental footprint by introducing cutting-edge processes and work methods, promoting the use of eco-responsible products and sensitizing our partners to the source.


The vision of the company is:

Export our know-how beyond our current territory and leverage our ability to provide quality services. Consolidate our presence in our current market and become the leader that we are here in the markets we have set to join.

Be recognized among the big names in the industry and become the best in our fields of activity.

Doubling our housekeeping turnover within 5 years and using the growth of our territory as a housekeeping service provider as a catalyst for the introduction of our other products and services.


The Conciergerie d’Amqui inc. Places great importance on maintaining a work environment conducive to the personal and professional growth of all its employees and the attainment of an irreproachable level of service for its clientele. The values ​​of the company are:

Our values are:

The quality: Perform quality work, seize opportunities to be effective, suggest improvements, and take work to heart.
Customer oriented: Develop individual and corporate skills and adapt to meet customer requirements at all times.
The respect: Build and maintain frank and friendly relationships that are free from harassment and discrimination.
Harmony: Collaborate, encourage and help each other to achieve the goals of the company and maintain a stimulating and motivating work environment.